"a man came from the fjord, looking bad in his Icelandic shirts"

As an adventurer close to nature of Lapland’s, I want to share my story with you. When I look back on my journey, I can’t help but smile. My adventures in Lapland began as a 15-year-old student, when I first time take a backpack and dived into the heart of the wonderful fell landscapes in the wilderness of the Muotka fells.

Nowadays, I might take a fatbike and ride towards new trails and scenic landscapes. It’s my way of feeling the wind on my face and experiencing the rhythms of nature deep inside. In teh winter time, I put on my skis and you can find me freeriding on the fells of Lapland. Those snow-covered slopes invite me to descend, and each descent is a journey to freedom. I’ve spent countless hours in the fells of Lapland, and every trip has left its mark on my heart.

During the last year, I have been able to take my love for outdoor activities in nature to a new level. This decision was born out of a strong passion and desire to share these incredible nature experiences with others. During my training as a outdoor guide, I have had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and skills, e.g. in the field of rock climbing, kayaking and cross-country skiing. These knowledge and skills have opened doors to new adventures, one of which is this sideline family business, in the name of which we have the opportunity to take you on those adventures. We want to offer you the opportunity to experience the same nature experiences that have given us so much.

My civilian profession is a safety engineer, so safety is always a priority in our operations as well. Through the training, I have gained new skills for group management, rescue operations and risk assessment in advance, so that customers can feel safe and trust our operations. Whether it’s kayaking, mountain biking or freeriding, I want to share my passion and make every adventure safe and unforgettable.

Come with us on an adventure to the wonderful landscapes of Lapland either virtually or live. Together we can experience excitement, adrenaline and pure joy. I look forward to sharing this unique natural beauty with you. Safety first, we will make unforgettable memories together. Welcome aboard!

Best Regards,

Marko Alaverronen aka @alppilegenda